Photo Gallery
Our Argentinian Artist Playing in Buenos Aires – Oscar Kreimer

Michael Hulett Performing on His SDA-XG-303

Pattie Cossentino playing her Dakota SDT-XR-92

Two Dakota Sax Artists Team Up For A Spectacular Live Jazz Event

Tomoka's Performance Dates


Antoine Knight In Crystal

Antoine Knight II was tearing it up at his recent Jazz Fest performance at the Southern Crescent Jazz Series in Crystal, Georgia… performing on his Dakota SDT-XL 220 Gray Onyx Custom Pro Tenor sax, real ‘front & center,’ live on stage.

Doug Bull On the PHT-2031

Doug Bull of Casper, WY, Educator & Trumpet/Flugel artist, had this to say about Phaeton Brass, his first/only choice for all professional ‘on stage and recording’ performances. “Several weeks ago I received a PHT-2031 Brush Brass “C” Trumpet from Phaeton Trumpet. I have been a bit of a slacker by not reviewing it. It came in brushed lacquer. The finish is flawless. Like all Phaeton horns, it is substantially built. Obviously, I played it within ten minutes of its own arrival at my door. Its response was remarkable. It can produce a vibrant, powerful sound and a light, delicate sound with any shading in between. The day after I received it I had the opportunity to perform on it. The director of the performance commented several times about the ”crystal clear” tone. The day after that I had a quintet rehearsal. The other trumpet player and the tuba player commented about tone quality. Additionally, the intonation is excellent. The usual alternate fingerings are quite helpful and produce something unique. The alternates maintain tone quality. One doesn’t readily hear a change of vibrancy. All told I have had eleven performances on this horn since receiving it. Each has brought compliments about the playing – tone in particular. Nearly flawless intonation that was easily achieved and became easier as I became more familiar with the horn. Kudos to Peter LaPlaca and all the folks at Phaeton Trumpets.”

Manning/Ryan On The Air

Thanks so much to the Super Duo of hit makers keyboardist/producer Greg Manning and our newest California based Dakota Sax Sensation Jeff Ryan Taboloff for one of our best shows ever!! It was a privilege to launch Manning/Ryan on air last Saturday, July 13.

WAR with Scott Martin

Scott Martin performing on his Dakota tenor sax with WAR.

Saxations at Spaghettini’s

The Saxations, LeiLani Vidal Calgaro, Allison Boles,Tomoka Nomura-Jarvis and April Leslie, performed on their Dakota Saxophones entertaining patrons last night at famed live jazz venue “Spaghettini’s” in California.

“Diggin Dirt” With Tyler Martin Thrive at High Sierra Music Festival Recently!

“Diggin Dirt” is an eight-piece soul/funk/reggae group built for music festivals. The California boys proved it this weekend at High Sierra where they played an evening set and a late night, opening for Galactic.

As young musicians on a big stage, they were completely wide-eyed last year. They started with an empty Vaudeville tent and created the party one funky lick at a time. This year, the audience was primed and ready. Their percussionist was simply checking his triangle on the mic and the crowd went wild.

Tim Price at the Atoma Annual Conference

Willow Street, PA: famed Dakota endorsing artist, Tim Price, conducted an in depth woodwind clinic at the 2019 Atoma Annual Conference. This year’s conference featured musical performances, workshops and clinics. Tim led a clinic focused on many proven techniques for optimum Sax performance, and afterward said it was an “amazing, incredible” session. The conference enabled many participants to expand their musical knowledge and to come away with a renewed enthusiasm for performing.

Smooth Jazz Europe Picks Mallorca, Spain For 2019 Major Festival

“Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival”… was the recent venue for famed USA Jazz Trumpet/Flugelhorn artist Rob Zinn. The 8th annual Spain-hosted Festival featured Rob in a number of exciting jam sessions plus his entourage group performing many of his favorite Billboard hits from America. Rob Zinn performs exclusively on his Phaeton Las Vegas custom Trumpet & Flugelhorn at all live venues.

The Day- by Anthony Turk Cannon featuring vocalist Vicu Scheck

Steve Salter tears it up on stage with his new Dakota Alto Sax SDA-XR 82 with the Hollywood Nights group June 29 in New Jersey.

Hollywood Nights is the ultimate tribute to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. This 10-piece New Jersey-based powerhouse has set out to re-create everything about Bob and his music right down to the smallest detail. Determined to leave no stone unturned, Hollywood Nights even tours with a baby grand piano. The band prides itself on continuing the amazing groundwork laid down by Bob over the past 30 years. They share the belief that only Bob and his fans have come to know, learn, and love: Represent the voice of every fan, his or her values, working-class background, and the love of rock ‘n’ roll. If you are a true Bob Seger fan, you won’t want to miss Hollywood Nights!

The Music of Disney

Hundreds of enthusiastic Disney movie fans, executives, patrons & music lovers crowded Myron’s Cabaret to watch, listen and applaud the 90 minute Perrico Orchestra presentation of many memorable Disney songs made famous in movies screened for over 5 decades. Charming/talented vocals coupled with a superb 26 member orchestra under the artistic baton of David Perrico made this event a tribute to Disney and a delight to all in the audience. Costumed vocalists, brilliant orchestration, exceptional trumpet solos by a Perrico made this event a “must remember” for those standing & cheering after each song. We are all proud of Phaeton Endorsing Artist, David Perrico, for his passion, genius and artistic skills for executing a truly spectacular event of live on-stage music extravaganza.

Douglas Bull’s Phaeton FX Trumpet Review

We just returned from the ITG convention in San Antonio. It was, as usual, as fabulous week. Okay trumpet geeks – As many of you know, I endorse for Phaeton Custom Trumpets and play an FX model which I like very much because of its exceptional versatility. I took mine to Bob Reeves to check for the “dreaded” alignment of my va!ves. After about five years of being played 350+- days a year, the valves were well within (-.001, +.002) the excellent range for brand new first line horns – remember, mine is five years+ old and is played nearly every day. These results are a tribute to the quality of Phaeton horns. Kudos to Peter LaPlaca and crew. Those of you who purchased a Phaeton after playing mine can look forward to years of quality results when playing your horn.

Saxations Featured As Special Guest

Robb Zinn at The Tin Pan

April Leslie Debuts With New Female Group

Wonderful debut yesterday of San Diego’s 1st all-female Latin band, ¡Sabrosas!, at the Dia De San Juan Festival. It was a fun, WINDY day of fantastic Latin music.

Sam Hankins

Dexter Tolson Never Sounded So Good

Hitting it with my SDT XR-52 Tenor by Sax Dakota. Thanks to Pete LaPlaca, David Benedetto and the Dakota staff for producing such great horns.

Catch Brian Lenair at The Social 228

Dakota Straight Tenor Impresses Many

"There are people here in my area that really love jazz… the kind of people that would not go to most Jazz venues. For the simple reason that they are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Every year there is this amazing party I play with jazz pianist David Newman's jazz group with Pete Bainbridge on bass. World class players, a joy to play with. It is a special and interesting event… yet they love and ask many questions about the Dakota Straight Tenor."

"The ones who keep returning year to year, are very aware of it and frequently take pictures of the sax… and the bar staff digs it, as does the girl that used to play Alto Sax in the high school band."

"Once they get past the unique shape and image of the sax, which is beautiful of course, they are intrigued with the sound. This was a standard type of gig as you can see from the photos, performing great standard songs, some blues and some nice swing and jazz."

"There you have it!! This instrument is intoxicating once you started to listen to it and enjoy its mellifluous tone and timbre."

— Tim Price

Dee Lucas Speaks Out About His Dakota Soprano Saxophone

“The Sax Dakota model 707 gives me everything I was looking for in a soprano saxophone. The balance of the horn is very consistent from top to bottom. More importantly, the intonation is better controlled. The soprano 707 is truly a solid instrument.” – Dee Lucas

Pattie Cossentino and Phil Vassar in St Charles, IL

Pattie Cossentino performing with Phil Vassar in concert in St Charles, Illinois.

Pattie and Phil In Minnesota

Phil Vassar joins Pattie Cossentino onstage last night at a performance at MGM Northfield Park.

Willie Bradley Plays the National Anthem

Willie Bradley playing the National Anthem on his Phaeton FX 1100 Trumpet at a recent Baltimore Oriole's game.

A Rare Treat at The Chicago Winery

Another great music event with Joe Lovano, Esperanza Spalding, Jack DeJohnette & Leo Genovese performing at the Chicago Winery May 1. This rare “A LIST” quartet played to a packed house as they made their mark with 90 minutes of the finest jazz sounds I can recall. What a treat to witness and enjoy such brilliant talent!

War Performing in Saint Charles, Illinois

Michael Hulett Spring Shows

Check out Michael's Facebook page for more information or to purchase tickets for upcoming shows.  -  MichaelHulettEntertainment

Wayne Cobham Recognized As “The Ultimate Trumpet Player”

The Suffern, NY Chamber of Commerce honors Wayne Cobham.

Scott Martin Back From Sea

Back from two cruises of the Caribbean with the band WAR, Scott Martin played alongside artists such as Foreigner, Grand Funk Railroad, Janet Jackson, Fantasia, Little River Band, Boz Scaggs and many more. Here he is on stage with his Sax Dakota Tenor.

The Saxations at the Mediterranean Jazz and Supper Club

My Name Is Tony Tour Dates

Pattie Cossentino and The Steve Vassar Band

Pattie Cossentino and The Steve Vassar Band entertain the crowd in Leesburg, VA.

David Perrico

Pete & Gerald

Pete shares a moment with Gerald Albright.

Pete & Mindi

Pete and Mindi Abair together at Chicago Winery… Post Show Meet & Greet

NAMM 2019

The Paul Navidad Quartet wows the crowd at the Phaeton/Sax Dakota Booth NAMM 2019

NAMM 2019

Mindi Abair with Tim Price at the Phaeton/Sax Dakota Booth NAMM 2019

NAMM 2019

Pete and Tim Price at NAMM 2019

NAMM 2019

Pete with Saxations at the Phaeton/Sax Dakota booth at NAMM 2019.

Saxations Know How To Rock

Sax Dakota Welcomes Joe Lovano

"Playing on my new Straight Tenor & Alto Saxophones by Dakota Sax gives me another world of Swirling Sounds and Vibrations I’ve never felt before."

-- Joe Lovano, 2017

BRENCORE Entertainment Present a Great Night of SAX and R&B at the Carlyle Club featuring Brian Lenair

Click here for the video

Larry Linkin and Pete LaPlaca share a smile at Pete's Dakota/Phaeton booth at NAMM ANAHEIM.

Pete LaPlaca and James Carter pose with Dakota's famed Straight Tenor Saxophone at the Sax Dakota booth at NAMM/ANAHEIM, 2014

Cindy Shea...Diva Mariachi....and Pete LaPlaca pose for the camera at NAMM ANAHEIM 2014. Cindy is the leader/founder of this wonderful all female performing group.

Left to right: Jonathan Fritzén (keys), Deon Yates, George Bell, Freddie V (Average White Band), and John Cousins

BMRW - An Evening of Smooth Jazz - 496 West Detroit, MI.


CLICK HERE to see Richard Elliot in the Summer Horns - WAVE Exclusive Interview

LaDarrel Johnson is Featured in Crain's 20 in Their 20s Program

Crain's 20 in their 20s program honors success at a young age, from up-and-comer entrepreneurs to young professionals who make an impact in large organizations. LaDarrel Johnson, 27, is one of the honorees selected by Crain's editors and reporters.

Click here to read full LaDarrel Johnson's full story.

MARCH 1, 2013

Tim Price, prominent American saxophone artist & educator, has been appointed to the position of Dakota Saxophone performing "spokesperson" for Straight Altos and Tenors Saxophones. Tim and Dakota President, Peter LaPlaca, recently reached an agreement which positions Tim Price as an ongoing artist/clinician focusing on Dakota's emerging Jazz Saxophone image in the marketplace with their outstanding/unique pair of Straight Alto and Tenor Saxophone models.

Tim brings a broader dimension to these two special instruments as a credible Saxophone Artist, Critic, Writer, Author, Teacher and Speaker, who, we are confident will elevate both saxophone models into the mainstream use by professional and semi professional Saxophone performers.

Tim joined Sax Dakota with a specific goal to carry our product message to those players out there who have not had the opportunity to play/see/experience these models. His immediate goal is to "spread the word and sound" of both models to Sax Players throughout the world at school and store clinics as well as major instrumental music conferences and conventions.

Look for more information/press releases about Tim and Dakota Saxophones in your favorite Music magazines, web sites and social networks.

Pete LaPlaca, Frankie Valli and Rick Keller pose for this group shot soon after sound check and exchanged lots of memories with smiles all around. Pete and Frankie grew up in Newark, N.J. and hung around the same Music Shop in Belleville, N.J. in the ‘50’s.


Wayne Cobham and Pete LaPlaca join Larry Linkin in a photo at NAMM/ANAHEIM. Larry is former long presiding NAMM retired. Pete & Larry were marketing executives together at G. Leblanc Corp and CMI in the 1960's

ERNIE WATTS...famous US Jazz Sax artist...had glowing comments about his Sax Dakota Straight Tenor experience, which he shared with Pete at NAMM/ANAHEIM

Billy Cobham, Pete and Wayne Cobham at NAMM 2011

Pete & Arturo Sandoval at ITG

Pete and Ray Monteiro, lead/star trumpet player with NBC Tonight Show band
Arturo, Doc & Claudio at ITG

Pete and Tom Politzer of 'Tower of Power' together at NAMM

These star players love Phaeton & Sax Dakota
Pete & Doc Severinsen at ITG

Pete and Doc Severinsen at NBC Tonight Show,

Manny's Music
48th Street Circa 1965

Pete and Joe Lovano - Ravinia Jazz Festival
Pete and Contra Basso Sax in Milan

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