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PJLA Music Sales/Marketing was founded by Mr. Peter LaPlaca in 1984. He has been active within the Music Industry for over 40 years in all areas of the musical instrument products arena. His business track record includes successful high level management, executive and marketing positions with Gibson, Pearl Drums, Barrington Guitars, FE OLDS, Reynolds, G. Leblanc, Martin, Holton, Kramer guitars, LA SAX, Moog, Vandoren along with numerous other recognized global brand names.

With a worldwide manufacturing and marketing staff, PJLA Music Sales is recognized for bringing new products/brands to market. Global sales and marketing coverage for all our product lines is the strength and strategy of PJLA through its dealers, distributors and sales agents in Europe, Asia, South/Central America, Russia, USA & Canada.

The company actively & visibly promotes its products & services at all NAMM Music Industry trade shows, educator conferences, Frankfurt Musik Fair, Shanghai Music Fair as well as many other regional trade and consumer shows in the USA and foreign countries.

PHAETON TRUMPETS/FLUGELHORNS and DAKOTA SAXOPHONES are the most recent innovative brands successfully introduced to the world market. F E OLDS, GARD GIG & WHEELIE BAGS and TAKT CONDUCTING BATONS are also part of the company’s cadre of outstanding product lines.

We urge you to visit our products on this web site or you can go directly to: www.phaetontrumpet.com or www.saxdakota.com . You can also contact us directly via email, or phone/fax to obtain more information on any of our great product lines. Please go to our contact page to complete your request.

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