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Global sales and marketing promotion of all PJLA product lines is an integral part of its established list of dealers, distributors and sales agents in Europe, Asia, South/Central America, Russia, USA & Canada.

All our products are designed to meet the most stringent quality guidelines established throughout the world by leading/prominent artists and educators. We strive to innovate within each brand as we grow our business in response to strong consumer demand. Both PHAETON and SAX DAKOTA brands were designed by talented engineers who understand the needs and high level requirements of professional musicians.

Utilizing several distribution points within the USA, its products are delivered  to customers who have done business with Peter LaPlaca since the early 80's.

High quality web sites representing PJLA MUSIC/MARKETING products are already established and successfully operating in the USA, ASIA & EUROPE. These sites  provide retail shops and consumers quick, accurate and easy access to product descriptions, photos, detailed specfications, pricing and availability.

Information is also available upon request as to how you can partner with these sites for easy access.
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